From the Press

"Even if you’ve bought the highest capacity mobile phone, shooting lots of photos and videos will challenge your storage capacity. Repeatedly deleting and offloading files can get tedious. Camra, a free app for iOS and Android that’s been in beta for more than six months, has now launched globally, offering a different way of shooting that relieves you of the anxiety of running out of space on your phone." 2015/10/19

"You can also create private groups with your family and friends with a feature they call Safe Share, if you don’t feel like sharing your pics and vids with the entire world, but you need to send it to more than just one person. And if you share something with a Camra user, and then later on decide to delete it, that content will disappear from all accounts and all devices." 2015/10/21

"Enter Camra [Android|iOS], an app that doesn't save photos and videos to your phone, but rather sends them directly to the cloud. In other words, images shot with Camra don't take up residence on your device, meaning you don't have to worry about running out of space" 2015/10/21
"This app is a superb solution for those who are running on low storage space. This way you don’t have to delete any existing files while still being able to capture new photos and videos and then send them directly to the cloud" 2015/10/23