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How often do you find yourself trying to take a video or photo, only to realize that there’s no space left on your phone? While there are several cloud services that help you backup your photos and video, they all have one drawback in common: You have to first store the media on your mobile device before uploading it to the cloud.
However, Camra, the new app that has just launched globally, enables you to capture photos and videos and upload them directly to the cloud – even if you have no space available.
Camra’s patented technology is the result of two years of research by experienced mobile developers Invoke Mobile. Using the Camra app, users can not only store media (including full HD videos) directly in the cloud, but can also enjoy upload speeds that exceed any other solution on the market. Camra’s patented technology converts the video while it is being uploaded to the server, so users can watch right away, and they don’t need to wait for the conversion to happen on the server side (which usually takes several minutes with other services). Camra’s solution is entirely secure and also enables a safe sharing feature: When sharing a photo or video through the app, users retain control of the media. This means that if the user shared a video with a fellow Camra user, and then deleted it, it is deleted from anywhere on the platform. Users can also share content with a predefined group of contacts and additionally, share their media across other platforms, such as Facebook and WhatsApp.
The unique method of storing and streaming content that Camra uses, means that if a user wants to see a photo or video shared with them – they don’t need to download it and can just stream it, thus saving valuable space on their phone.
The company has already partnered with one mobile carrier in Israel and is now launching globally, The company is also in advanced contacts with several cable TV providers, to enable sharing and displaying media using a designated TV channel.
Additionally, the company is planning to add Apple TV support to allow users to seamlessly view all of their photos and stream content on their TV directly.